Pet Angels has very limited resources due to the fact it’s just a small handful of people trying to make a differences in as many animal lives as possible. We DO NOT have regular funding.  We care for the animals in group yards with attached animal housing units until they are placed into a loving permanent home.  Pet Angels Rescue can take in dogs, small & furry animals and pet birds.
Pet Angels focus is to assist animal in Rural Oklahoma shelters. We also sometimes take owner surrenders but rarely strays, as strays should be processed thru their local animal control if available in accordance with laws of stray animals.  Pet Angels intake of cats is focused on kittens in kill shelters that are under surgical weight of 2 lbs and need to leave due to being on euthanasia list .

If we cannot take in your pet, we may have other options for you as well, but sadly the need far exceeds our ability to assist. Here is a list of others organizations in Oklahoma.

A donation is not required but recommended to help support your pet if we are able to take it into our care.

Courtesy Listing Info – Citizen Out-Reach Program (COR Program)

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Example of a Petfinder listing

We have a Courtesy Listing Option if you can continue housing the pet

Other ways we can help is Pets Angels has a Citizen Outreach Adoption Program. We can post animals for adoption while they stay in your home, waiting to be adopted. You must be able to provide medical records for current medical (Spayed or Neutered and Vaccinated) and you must be the pet’s legal owner. If the pet is a stray, you must have proof that you have exhausted all resources to search for the pet’s owner (Details on the Program info page). We will list your pet in need for adoption on major adoption websites such as Petfinder or Adopt-a-Pet and many others. This will give you a quick web link that you can share on Social Media without having to list your personal contact info and all the details every time you post.  You will be able to bring the pet to our scheduled adoption events for increased success. And we do request that you notify us if you have listed your pet with us and you find placement on your own.

Please read the details of the program here and see if this will work for you:

Learn more about the Citizen Outreach Adoption Program.


Plan ahead!!

If you know you have to give up your pet in 6 months, look NOW for a solution!!! It does no good for your pet if you wait until the last minute to stay with you and run out of time and have to send them to the pound.

Intake or Listing Request Forms Below:

For help placing or to request surrendering your pet or a stray, please fill out the appropriate form below. We will take the information and review it for final decisions. This form is for dogs and small caged caged animals (Birds, ferrets, etc). Pet Angels Rescue does not accept adult cats from the public, our cat adoption program is focused on kittens that are to young to be process through animal welfare agencies (kittens from 4-7 weeks old). We will reply as soon as possible IF we can help.

Select an option below:

Click here to Return a Pet Angels Pet

Click here to Return a Pet Angels Pet

Click here if you can no longer keep this pet

Click here if you can no longer keep this pet

Click here to Submit a request to have a pet listed for adoption

Click here to Submit a request to have a pet listed for adoption