We are new to the horse rescue situation but the need came and we answered it. We plan on working 1 -2 rescues at the time in the future but we have several right now due to a desperate situation we where asked to assist. We have several Adults horses & a foal seeking a forever home.

  • All horses have received routine dewormer and Coggins and vaccine as well as teeth and hoof care prior to adoption.
  • If you live in the OKC Metro Area and would be interested in fostering a horse please contact us as well.
  • We are trying to find someone with Horse riding training experience to access the level of the horses training.
    First step of our Horse Adoption process is a questionnaire, secondly a Adoption contract once approved would be completed once placement occurs, you can fill the questionnaire online submit it to us to start the process, but 1st please review the contract prior to applying so you know what the adoption terms are. Please Note these horse are located in Oklahoma City, Ok area(Guthrie Ok)so you need to be within reasonable distance for transport approx 2 hours of OKC. Just because you submit an Adoption Request is not a guaranteed approval. We need to do our best to make sure that the horses that we have cared for go into qualified homes. We ask that you read the adoption contract before beginning this process. We have a STRICT NO breeding clause, all horses all gelded before they leave if old enough or will be under contract to do so. Adoption Contract requires that if you no longer can care for or want the horse that it MUST return to the facility, NO REHOMING, NO SELLING. This is to prohibit them from going into another abusive, neglectful situation OR going to an auction/slaughter. We will require the ability to do site checks on the horse/s as well as you updating us from time to time this helps to simply verify that they are being cared.If you have further questions email us