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I see a pet on your website–how do I know if it’s still available for adoption?

Our Web Site is updated regularly and the pets you see are up for adoption. After weekend adoption events it may take the site 24 hours to update.  We will let you know if there are any pending application on the pet you are interested in.

Are these dogs housebroken? If not, is it possible to housetrain an adult dog?

Pet Angels rescue has two main foster locations where there are at least 30 or more dogs. It is not possible for us to test to see if all dogs are housebroken as that would require letting them loose and seeing if they soil in our homes. I have approximately 400+ dogs a year come to my home for foster; this would lead to a smelly gross situation, despite cleaning! If you adopt an adult dog and it is not known if it is housetrained, simply treat it like a puppy for the first week or so, crating while unsupervised and scheduled food and water and things will go fine. When you adopt any dog, you should always assume it is NOT housebroken, because even if it is, it will take some time for it to get used to your house and where it is supposed to go outside. Again, be patient!

Can you tell me if a pet is housebroken, likes kids or will get along with my cat?

All the animals we have for adoption are rescued animals. They are not our personal pets. All that we know about them is what we can observe in a foster home, and we will share all of that information on our website description of each pet. If there is nothing listed besides the basic info, it is because we do not know anything. Most of our dogs are not in a situation where we can determine if they are housebroken. Few of our rescues are around kids on a regular basis.

If we have any history on the dogs we will have it in their bio, but most are pulled from a pound– that is all we know. Most are in a foster home situation with other dogs, so we usually can tell you if a dog gets along well with other dogs. The most important thing about a rescue dog is to give it patience and time to get used to your household. Also, all our dogs are on a 14-day foster-to-adopt, so if something doesn’t work out in that time period, you can always return the dog. However, please remember that it can take a dog 3-4 months to settle in to a new home!