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E-mail is the preferred form of contact. Due to my call volume, we have had to back down from posting our phone number. Your call will go to voice mail instructing you to e-mail us.
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Pet Angels Rescue Inc.
10374 S Coltrane Rd. Guthrie, Ok 73044


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Where are you Located?

Pet Angels Rescue Inc. is based just north of Edmond Oklahoma. Our current shelter is open by appointment only Wed-Fri appointments are set once you have a approved application submitted and we will have open house adoption days for all to come listed. We will also still have outreach events at local pet stores and other venues but only a handful of dogs attend the events, just check our calendar for event info. First step to adoption is to fill out the application.

I Found a Dog with Pet Angels ID Tag/Microchip or I Adopted A dog from you I cannot keep !

If you are needing to return or have found a PET ANGELS DOG, please leave a message/text at 405-413-2895 (please use this number for this reason only), we will call you back ASAP.  Our Rescues are also microchipped which should link you directly to the adopter. If you have found one of our dogs and you have contacted the adopter but the adopter does not want the dog, we will take it back. If you want to keep the pet, that is great but we ask you to contact us so we can update microchip information and know we care about all of them always.

I Want To Adopt Right NOW!!!

Calling several times in a short time frame and never leaving a message will only make me question your patience in owning a pet! We understand adopting a pet can be a exciting time, but rude is rude and this achieves nothing. Pet ownership should not be a impulse decision since it is a long term and costly endeavor. This phone is a personal cell number of the Rescues’ President; please be respectful and apply by website and e-mail as requested. The rescue president also cares for the majority of the animals which is first priority. Since we don’t have a public shelter, it is unlikely the pet will be adopted while you are calling. Calling will NOT place a hold on the pet, your application mid-week places you in a position to adopt (even if we can’t meet until the weekend). Applications are reviewed on a first come basis but the pet will be placed in best suited home.

How do I meet a certain dog if all don’t go to events?

You can meet a certain pet at a scheduled adoption event which is preferred. If you have submitted a application once the app is approved we will touch base with you and confirm the dog will attend the event. If the timing don’t work with our events you can submit your application and once it’s approved we will set a Meet & Greet time with you and that pet typically at a local pet store or facility. Here is a quick link to the Adoption application

We do not have a public shelter to visit.

I have a dog I can’t keep

If you are looking to surrender a pet that was not adopted from us, you will need to fill out the form on Surrendering a Pet

Why can’t I just meet a pet without filling out anything?

Our goal is to make a good match between you and a animal in need of a home. The forms we ask you to fill out give us insight if the pet you are interested in may work with your family and other pets. It does none of us any good to let you meet the dog that you like a photo of if you have 3 cats at home and this dog is bad with cats or many other similar examples. It is simply a waste of time and a disappointment to all involved. We try to get bio’s up on the animals as they come in but we typically know little about them at that point, we learn more about them as they are with us and don’t always have the opportunity to update the pets info on line. Hopefully you can appreciate the fact we try our best to send a compatible pet into your home with kids or other pets or housing situation.